Casino Sites in Bangladesh

Few things are as appealing as combining the opportunity to win money at the best online casino with entertainment and fun. That is why the world of online casinos is becoming more and more popular among Bangladeshis.

Unlike the real option, there is no need to travel anywhere. With a computer or a cell phone, anyone can access an online casino and start betting or playing for fun. From the comfort of their own home, the same person can pick up big winnings.


To help you find the best online casino sites in Bangladesh faster, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide. In the following paragraphs we’ll show you tips on how to win big at all the games, a list of the top sites, and where the odds are the best.

How to register at an online casino

In general, sites strive to make registration easy. Whether the platform is in English or Bengali, there is always a prominent button to register.

With a simple click, you’ll need to fill in a few details, such as email and a specific password, to log in to the site and apps. Some other platforms may ask for more information, such as:

  • Name
  • City
  • Country
  • Cell phone number

Everything will depend on the level of security and protocols of the page you choose. Below you will see which ones are the best.

How do I start betting once my account has been set up?

Whether you play online bingo or roulette, you need to have money in your account for any betting attempt. This way, the platform ensures that the user can actually cover what they bet on in the games.

Ways to fund your account vary, but usually include, in descending order:

  • Credit cards
  • Electronic wallets
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Wire transfer

Once you’ve made a deposit – and maybe even received a possible welcome bonus – you’ll already have money in your account. Then you can choose one of the best online games. Then just click on where you want to bet. Everything, as mentioned before, is done quickly and easily.

A guide to the best online casinos in Bangladesh

The criteria that determine the best online casinos in the country can vary from one gambler to another, but there are parameters that apply in most cases. With this in mind, we have prepared a concise and effective guide to help you with your analysis.

With the information below in hand, it will be easier for you to decide which options from our list are more appropriate for your style of play. The most important parameters are as follows:

  1. Payment Methods – We’ve already started with how to deposit and withdraw prizes. This is because at the end of the day, you need to make sure that the ways of making a profit are interesting. That means: affordable options and minimal or no fees.
  2. Variety in Online Gambling – Some people think that no casino is interesting without roulette. Others know how to play bingo or poker. Taste is taste, but the greater the variety of online games, the less likely you are to have to create accounts for multiple games.
  3. Volume of odds – Also called odds, they indicate the value that represents the possibility of profit. Thus, playing a game with interesting odds higher than the competition is a positive thing.
  4. Payout Size – The payout is a percentage that shows how much of what was bet is returned in profit. The higher it is, the better the online casino, as long as it does have an acceptable payout rate. In other words, it is important that it actually pays out.

Top 10 casino sites

We have selected the top 10 online casinos available to Bangladeshis based on our criteria. After the list, we have a section to explain how we came to this conclusion.

Let’s move on to our site’s top picks:

  • Rivalo
  • Jeetwin
  • Pinnacle
  • Spin Palace
  • FavBet
  • MCW Casino
  • BetZest
  • MegaPari
  • 22Bet

The casino games you can play on these sites

With so many options, there are endless, because when it comes to online casino games, no one misses the opportunity to go overboard. Of course, there are platforms with fewer games, as seen on some of the sites on our list.

So, out of this huge list of opportunities to make money while having fun, what can you find? Let’s take a look:

Slots / Slot Machines / Virtual Games

These are by far the largest variety of games on the site. They have a wide variety of scenarios and graphics, while keeping the essence: these are games of pure luck, where you need to hit certain combinations.


The player takes one or more random cards and fills in the numbers or symbols, also drawn in no particular order. The player who fills in the numbers or symbols before the other players wins.


This can be a browser-based version, an exclusive mobile app, or software installed on a computer. These are real-time games where players from all over the world compete for the prize.

Online Blackjack

One of our favorite games, second only to the next one on our list. It can be a virtual game or a match with professional dealers on the other side of the screen.


Along with slots, this is the players’ favorite table game, which can be found in the best betting shops for Bangladeshis. By choosing a color and number, the player relies on luck.

Online Baccarat

Like online blackjack, there are offline options for the game format and live tables. The second option is usually in English, but the rules of the game are known.

Online video poker

A digitized version of five-card poker, available on many online gambling sites. The biggest difference is that your opponent is a computer, not real Bangladeshi players.


Keno, like online bingo, is played with cards, but is similar in principle to a lottery, where the results are drawn on the principle of tomball.

Scratch cards

Gambling for luck would be incomplete without the scratch cards that delight people on the street and online sites. Not available on all platforms.

The best online casino for slot machines

From our list of the best casinos, we chose one that we define as the best choice for those who want to have fun with slot machines. Our choice at the time was a casino site in Bangladesh called 22bet.

Our selection went through a special sieve focused on slots. We considered the following relevant items:

  • Bonus: Progressive Bonus, which offers 30%, 40% and 50% on deposits up to a maximum of 90000 BDT
  • Reputation: Excellent rating which is the opposite of many other online casinos.
  • Security: The online casino takes gambling seriously and this site is reliable.
  • Currencies: Accepts Bangladeshi Taka and even offers bank cards.
  • Variety: What it lacks in live games, it makes up for in slots.

In addition to all this, there are also daily tournaments, which adds to the excitement of betting and even guarantees a better chance of winning.

Best online casino to play roulette

If you want to play roulette at a casino, we recommend NetBet. The platform has a good variety of roulette tables and has some points that we think are important:

  • Payment methods: the site accepts bKash and transfers through major banks.
  • Currency: bKash is accepted as the game currency.
  • Variety: a variety of casino games, which attracts a wide audience.
  • Support: satisfactorily responds to “complain here” requests.

But roulette is not the only thing the online casino site lives for, which is why we recommend checking out the other options on the page.

Best online blackjack sites

For a long time now, sites are not just for betting on sports and are increasingly focusing on live casinos. We recommend 22bet for those looking to play live blackjack.

And here’s the reason for our choice:

  • Variety: when you go to an online casino page and choose blackjack, you are offered several options.
  • Test: you can play for free, just to try or practice.
  • Payment: a variety of deposit and withdrawal options.
  • Reliability: already has a good reputation in the market.

Compared to other online casino gaming sites, some of them seemed to be the best option when it comes to blackjack.

The best online casinos with the best payouts

Despite the fact that it is actually the player who makes the game, one cannot ignore the fact that the payout ratio of the game is impressive or disappointing. This is why many people consider this parameter when searching for the perfect game on an online casino site.

So which ones would be ideal? Let’s get to the list!

  1. Monopoly Big Event: An incredible 99.00% payout percentage for Big Bet
  2. Mega Joker: 99.0% return on maximum bet of 10 coins per spin.
  3. Joker Striker: 96.46% for regular bets.
  4. Fruit Warp: Reaches an RTP of 97.00%.
  5. Uncharted Seas: A return of at least 96.60%.

On days when the probability of a bet return is more interesting than the variation of the bet itself, choose these options and increase your profits.

Free Bets and Bonuses

With cash bets on online casino games, no one is missing out on profits. Instead of just cashing out, they offer bonuses to attract players and keep them coming back. Among the options in Bangladesh, there are some online casino sites that give more.

The higher amount is not always the most interesting because we have to consider the other factors behind the bonus. For example, there are rules for future withdrawals as well as the type of payments the site accepts.

Our criteria for choosing

With so many options on the market, including new casinos, it is necessary to choose well from the options that make up our list. That’s why we highlighted the most relevant parameters for gamblers, whether they are beginners or experienced/professionals.

They were primary in our selection:

Analysis: we analyze not only ourselves, but also take into account the opinions of our colleagues. People who specialize in casino reviews always have something to say about old and new sites.

  • Reputation: forums, social networks and famous best places to check the reputation of online casinos. That’s exactly what we did, but analyzing whether the complaints or compliments were appropriate.
  • Bonuses: While they don’t say much by themselves, the bonuses and offers offered by a reliable site are important. We’ve chosen those trustworthy sites that offer attractive promotions.
  • Security: Personal data, especially that related to money and payments, should be protected. Therefore, we looked for sites that were certified and licensed, as well as protecting other people’s information.
  • Payouts: How are the games paid for, are the profits really worth it? We asked ourselves this question at every site we reviewed to make sure our referrals would be profitable.
  • Fees: When selecting, we also considered how much the site’s transactions cost and what additional costs the user might incur.


Who can register and bet?

Anyone over the age of 18 can register by entering their personal data. For betting on games it is necessary to deposit or transfer real money.

How to register at the Online Casino?

Each site has a registration form that needs to be filled out. Once you agree to the terms and conditions and privacy policy, you can use all the features of the casino.

Can I play for free?

Many sites offer the opportunity to play for free, from slots to roulette to blackjack. However, those who play without paying will also not get any profit.

Is an online casino really safe?

We recommend that the bookmaker you choose meets the reliability and security requirements we listed in our article. Even the ones on our list should be checked in case there are any changes.

Can I bet through my cell phone?

Some sites offer the ability to download an app to play. Others can be accessed directly from the browser installed on your smartphone or tablet.

Is there a limit on how much you can win at the casino?

Some online casinos reserve the right to limit how much a player can win, especially if it is the result of using bonuses. Always read the latest terms and conditions to ensure you are not caught off guard.

Do I pay deposit and withdrawal fees?

Online casinos don’t usually charge transaction fees. However, the payment method you choose may have built-in fees or taxes that you will need to find out about.

Is the live casino real?

Yes, all games are run by a specific company that takes care of the games. Everything happens in real time, with real players.

Is it legal to play on the internet?

It is always wise to research the most recent laws of the country and each state regarding gambling betting. However, the existence of such sites in Bangladesh shows that it is a common practice.

How can I get bonuses?

Each site has its own specific rules. However, to receive a welcome bonus, you must make an initial deposit up to a set limit. The terms and conditions can be found on each site.

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