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When you hop on the internet to find the best AI background remover and changer, then the vast options can make it quite daunting for you to pick one. However, do you know what is even more daunting than choosing a great AI background remover? Well, selecting the best free AI background remover. Wondering why?

The Best Free Online AI Background Changer

This is because while many AI background changers operate for free, not all of them are worth the use. After all, they lack the finesse required for background removal and changing. However, this doesn’t mean that all free background changers are alike, and today, we will talk about one that we are sure you’d like.

The Best AI Background Changer You Can’t Miss

If there is one background changer that not only operates for free but also would not disappoint you in terms of its working and out of finesse, it is insMind. The service is undeniably one of the best AI photo editing tools, which has taken the AI market by storm, and we mean, why shouldn’t it?

Its exceptional ability to enhance product photos by making them focus on the subject by removing any background that can work as a distraction is remarkable. The background removal is so smooth and refined that it doesn’t disrupt the focus image as well. The best part? In case a user wants to add another background, the service easily helps you add and generate backgrounds according to your liking. How cool is that!

With its wide range of exceptional tools, insMind makes product image designing a piece of cake. It helps users create high-quality designs that are not only attractive but also unique. Moreover, the tools are quite easy to use, which makes the service an amazing pick for both beginner-level editors and professionals. So, what are you waiting for?

If all this interests you, then we are sure you’d want to learn how to use insMind to your benefit and how to change background in AI, right? We have this aspect covered for you as well.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Background Using insMind

Though we did claim that using insMind is quite simple courtesy of its easy-to-use interface, this doesn’t mean that we’d let you off with just that. This is because we understand that every beginner is always hesitant to work with new software and sometimes would like a helping hand.

Taking this into consideration, we decided to let you breathe a sigh of ease and offer that helping hand by providing a step-by-step guide on how you can change the background of any image using insMind. Here you go:

Step 1. Upload and Prepare your Product Image

Upload the image you want to change the background of. Start by removing the background from your current image. You can find the right editing tools to carry out this aspect on the insMind editing tool, which would be equipped with the ‘Background’ option. All you will have to do is hold onto your image, select this particular option, and let the AI remove your existing background.

Step 2. Select the Ideal Background Composition

It is now time to add the background of your choice. Select the ‘AI background’ option on the side panel. This will give you access to various backgrounds, such as natural scenes, textures, patterns, abstract styles, and colors. Choose the one that enhances the visual appeal of your focus product.

Step 3. Perfectly Position Your Product and Download

Once you have selected the background, it is time to adjust your product or focus image to ensure it naturally fits onto the new background. This can be done using the ‘Resize’ slider on insMind. Moreover, users can further refine the image size by using the ‘Smart Resize’ function.

When you have completed all the mentioned steps, the insMind background remover will produce a stunning, unique product that will stand out. All you will have to do now is click on the ‘Download’ button to save the newly created image.

What Else insMind AI Background Changer Can Do?

Apart from changing the background, insMind offers many other exceptional features. Wondering what these features are? Well, apart from providing users with the easy ability to remove and AI change background, the service also allows users to generate backgrounds according to their liking. Moreover, it also lets one remove any distracting or unwanted objects from the main image that they feel are putting them off.

Benefits of Using an AI Background Changer

If you are still not convinced and want to know why using insMind Background Changer might work well for you, then let us convince you by telling you a few additional benefits that an AI background changer can bring. Here are a few:

You Can Choose a Background of Choice

The service enables you to choose from a variety of background options, from textured patterns to solid colors and even abstract designs. Users also have the liberty of generating backgrounds of their choice.

Saves Time and Money

The best part about the service is its ease of use, which makes it operable by any user for free. Hence, anyone who wants to edit an image to change the background won’t have to hire someone else to do it, which would save both their time and money.

Works with Quality and Accuracy

The service has been trained by billions of real-world images, and hence, the free background remover precisely recognizes portrait and graphic photos. Hence, all the tasks you follow through with this bg remover will be accurate and high-quality.

Removes Background in Batches

Another significant aspect of insMind is that it can change and remove the backgrounds of multiple images simultaneously. Yes! You heard us right. With just a single click, users can easily change the backgrounds of various photos.


The insMind background changer and remover is one of the best on the market, and if you were searching for one, we hope this article was helpful for you. Make sure to check out the website and learn more about all that this service has to offer. 

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